This list is essentially the top selling or most popular backpacks of 2014. Almost all of the bags that appear on the list are general use bags, but there are some hiking and camping specific bags and one hydration pack.

8. High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Almond Chartreuse/Tan, 19.5x13x7-Inch (ad)

Description: This bag comes in multiple colors, is 1.4 lbs in weight, is 19″ x 15″ x 7″ in size, and has 5 pockets. Versatile enough to handle your day on campus, trip to the gym, or workday commute, the High Sierra Fat Boy boasts an oversized, multi-compartment design, along with an organizer and numerous load-managing compression straps.

Review: This is just a generally great bag for everyday use. It is built very well, with good stitching, and the shoulders are especially comfortable. This is the sort of bag that you would be comfortable wearing for a one day hike, wearing it to school, or really using it for any other purpose you can think of. It isn’t especially big, and isn’t setup to connect tents, air mattresses, etc., but if your only need is to haul a few things, then this would fit the bill.

7. The North Face Jester Backpack One Size TNF RED/ASPHALT GREY (ad)

Description: At 48″ x 33″ x 20″, this bag is larger than number 8 and is fairly large for a general purpose bag. You can fit a lot of stuff inside of it, including heavier items like books. The stitching is top notch and the bag is very durable. I believe this bag will last for a long time. The bag has a waist and chest buckle.

Review: Another great bag for general use, I think you would want this bag if you were looking for a general use bag that is on the larger side so that you can fit a ton of stuff inside of it. This bag could be used for just about anything, but seems to be especially popular for college kids. The bag is very comfortable to wear, and I think this would make a great hiking bag as it has the chest and waist buckles and a spot for a water bottle.

6. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (Black, 3038-Cubic Inch) (ad)

Description: This is a large, heavy duty bag built for tactical use. This bag is 20″ x 14″ x 13″ which perhaps doesn’t seem that large, but it has a lot of pockets, including two additional side pockets that are 9″ x 5″ x 2.5″. There are a total of seven compartments to this bag, and there are spots where you would be able to attach additional items like to the D rings on the front straps. The bag comes in a few different colors, all military themed.

Review: This is a very durable bag that would last for a long time and you can fit a huge amount of stuff in it. This would be the type of bag you might want for a camping trip into the woods where you aren’t going to be able to resupply for a few days. The straps are fairly comortable. All of Condor’s bags are very durable, and if you’re main criteria is that you want something tough that will last, you should consider this bag as well as their other bags.

5. New Outlander Large Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack, Black (ad)

Description: This bag is 20″ x 13″ x 7″ and comes in several colors, most of which are bright but there is black and green. This pack can itself be packed down. The bag only weighs 12 ounces, which is extremely light. The bag is made of rip stop nylon rather than polyester or a more durable material. It is semi-waterproof.

Review: This is a great general purpose bag, and if you are looking for something especially light that is able to be packed up tightly for storage, this might be the perfect bag. For instance, if you need to pack it up to take on a plane, this would be great. The material seems a little thing and I’m not sure how well it would stand up to a lot of hard use. For what it is, and for the low price, this is the perfect bag for that niche that wants something easily packable and lightweight.

4. High Sierra Titan 55 Frame Pack Amazon/Pine/Leaf (ad)

Description: This internal frame backpack is 30″ x 14″ x 8″ and can hold a ton of stuff. The Titan 55 from High Sierra’s Tech Series is a roomy yet streamlined 55-liter capacity pack with an internal frame built for superior load support and breathability. The bag carries heavy burdens with relative ease thanks to it S-shaped Ergo-Fit shoulder strap harness with load-lifters that adjust to fit a trimmer torso. The pack’s high-density foam padded back panel provides optimum load support while the large AirFlow channels and uniquely contoured internal frame structure helps keep your back cool and dry.

Review: Despite being a very large bag, this backpack is actuall quite lightweight at 4.8 pounds. It is built for smaller frames, so if you are well over 6′ it might not fit that well. The bag seems to be very durable and will hold up for a long time.

3. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack (Hunter Green) (ad)

Description: This bag is 33″ x 17″ x 12″ and is a larger, internal frame backpack. The bag comes with a rainfly to cover it during rainstorms, is “hydration system ready”, and has places for all your hiking or camping gear including a sleeping bag compartment.

Review: Honestly, the reason this bag is so popular is because of the low price. Similar bags typically run at much higher prices, so for this bag to be a full hiking/camping bag with all the assorted options at the low price is a great value. That said, there isn’t anything wrong with this bag, it is a solid hiking or camping bag and has everything you could want and is comfortable to wear, even loaded up. I do think the more expensive bags hold up better, so that might be an issue with this bag. I already see some loose threads at the top of the bag, which I would guess those would just get worse and worse. If you are on a budget or aren’t going to be using your bag much, than this bag is for you. If you want something extremely tough, it might be worth it to pay extra for another similar bag with a proven track record of standing up to abuse.

2. TETON Sports Oasis1100 Hydration Backpack with Bladder (18.5″x 10″x 7″, Green) (ad)

Description: Three zipper pockets, stash space, and two mesh pouches make this 1,100 cubic inch hydration pack roomy enough for day or overnight trips. Low-profile athletic cut with full adjustment fits both men and women comfortably. Sturdy and lightweight. Wide mesh straps with ventilated foam and chest shock absorber. FDA-compliant food grade bladder with triple-heat sealed edges, 2” opening for easy fill and cleaning, kink-free sip tube, cushioned bite valve, and twist-lock to prevent leaks.

Review: This backpack is extremely popular because it is well made and very affordable. Please note that it is a hydration pack for holding water, and it only have a few pockets for snacks or small items. If you are looking for a hydration pack and are on a budget, this is a great bag for you.

1. JanSport Classics Series Superbreak Backpack (Alien Green) (ad)

Description: This 16″ x 13″ x 8″ is an absolute classic. There is one large main compartment and one front pocket. The bag comes in dozens of colors. It weighs 12 ounces, is comfortable, and can hold roughly 2-4 large text books. The bag is made of polyester.

Review: This is really just a very classic, simple bag. JanSport has been making this bag for 30 years now, and it is still extremely popular. It might not be the bag that hikers or campers want, but it is a great general use bag that anyone could find a use for.