The following list was made by researching the top selling camping cooking related items and picking out the highest rated one that we felt were absolutely “must-have” for our audience. In some instances more than one similar item was ranked highly, in which case we chose the item that we felt was the best.

5. Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set, Black (ad)

Description: This set includes a 10-1/2-Inch round griddle, a 8-Inch skillet, a 10-1/4-Inch skillet, a 5-Quart Dutch oven and a 10-1/4-Inch iron cover. The set is made from cast iron, which retains heat extremely well and can be used in or above a campfire. If you use some vegetable oil, it will help prevent food from sticking and make clean up fairly simple. The set basically is what you would envision for a camping cookware set. It is very classical in appearance.

Why you need it: You will need some pots and pans for your camp kitchen, and why not use the type that has worked well for decades if not centuries? Having a high quality cookware set like this is essential for any regular campers as you will need something that can work over flames, sear meat at high temps, and cleans up easily.

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4. Stansport Outdoor 277 9 Cup Aluminum Camper-Feets Percolator Coffee Pot (ad)

Description: This polished aluminum coffee pot is another item that is very classical in appearance. This is the sort of pot that campers have been using since at least the early 1900’s. The pot can be used over flame or on a gas stove, it heats quickly, and in general makes good coffee.

Why you need it: Everyone drinks coffee, right? What makes this coffee pot great is the low price, durable materials, overall classic design, ease to cleanup, and the fact that the coffee it makes is pretty good. It may take a few practice pots to get the method down (and you should do at least one practice pot that you don’t drink just to clean the pot out) but once you figure it out, it is so worth it. You don’t need filters, as this pot has a basket that hold the grounds.

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3. Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Roller Cooler (Ice Blue, 27.5 x 16.75 x 19.063-Inch) (ad)

Description: This is the highest rated cooler available. It is large enough to hold 69 12 ounce cans, has a telescoping handle and wheels for easy transportation, has Cool Riser Technology that helps it retain the cold and keep your food and drinks frosty, and it comes from the number one brand in coolers, Igloo!

Why you need it: If you are storing any type of food or drink that needs to be kept cold, then you will need a cooler. This one is fairly large, of good quality, durable, portable, and retains the cold well. Whether you need to store some meat for a few hours, keep ketchup or mustard, or store drinks, this is a great all around cooler that you will find uses for. If you keep adding ice, you could really use this as a refrigerator for a long time. Every campsite needs a cooler, why not buy the best?

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2. Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner, Blue (ad)

Description: This 9 can cooler comes in multiple colors (you can also buy a 16 can version) and comes from one of the leading brands in camping equipment, Coleman. The small size and adjustable shoulder strap makes it really easy to carry with you on a hike, excursion to the beach, or anywhere else you want to go to and take some drinks with you. It only weighs a little over 1 pound and keeps your drinks cold for at least several hours. The outside is anti-microbial, meaning it keeps germs away. There is a hard shell inside that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Why you need it: Staying hydrated is important, and this provides you with both a way to carry several drinks with you, and to keep them nice and cool for up to several hours.

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1. Coleman 1-Gallon Jug, Blue (ad)

Description: This gallon jug is the perfect container to store water in and keep it cool. There is a wide mouth top with a flip up spout to pour from. The container is dent resistent. There also is a bail handle for easy transportation.

Why you need it: Much like the last item, this is another aimed at keeping you hydrated. If all you plan to drink is water, then this is an efficient way to bring a lot of it with you. You then could bring cups to pour into using the flip up spout. This is the type of item that every camper needs, and you will see these in almost every camp site.

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