If you are looking for a two person tent on a budget of $200 or less, than you are in the right spot!  Below is our list of the the 5 most popular 2-person tents, which just so happen to all be priced at under $200. Please read the reviews carefully, as these tents are all great but have varied uses and strengths.

5. Happy Camper Two Person Tent With Carry Bag (ad)

Description: At 5′ x 6′ x 42″ this tent is slightly smaller than most two person tents. The Rain-Fly Vented Roof helps keep the inside of the tent dry in anything but a rain storm. The tent sets up with two poles and four stakes. If you want to use this in your living room, the tent will stand up without the stakes.

+ For the price, this tent is great value for beginning campers who are only going to use it once or twice.
+ Extremely lightweight at just 3 lbs, so it would be good for hiking.

– Not durable enough to stand up to a lot of use.
– Smaller than most 2 person tents.
– No instructions included, but still easy to figure out how to setup.

Overall: This is a tent for people who just want to try out camping for the first time and are on a budget or for hikers who just want something light and are okay with having to replace it after a few uses. This tent made the list because it is extremely affordable.

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4. Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent (Green, 7-Feet X 5-Feet) (ad)

Description: This dome-styled tent is made by Coleman, one of the leading brands in camping equipment. The WeatherTec system helps to keep the tent dry inside and the Variflo airflow ventilation combined with the Cool-Air vent keep the tent from seeming stuffy or getting overheated. The tent is 5′ x 7′ x 48″ and comes with a one year warranty.


+ Extremely easy to setup. The tent uses two poles and a clip system. Instructions are sewn into a special pocket in the tent so you can’t lose them.
+ Excellent quality. The tent is from a trusted brand and is very good quality for the low, entry-level price.

– Electric Accessibility Port is unnecessary, altough some people may find it useful.

Overall: This is a high quality tent from a trusted brand that is excellent quality for the price. There really is nothing negative to say about it. It’s very easy to use and extremely durable, so it will hold up to actual outdoor use, although it isn’t as tough as the premium priced tents. If you are especially rough on the tent and it doesn’t hold up, there is a one year warranty. If you know that you need something especially resilient, this may not be the tent for you, but for most people this tent will do the job.

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3. Ledge Scorpion Two Man Tent, Aluminum Poles (ad)

Description: This is a large, heavy, extremely tough tent that will stand up to heavy use.

+ At 92″ x 58″ x 42″, the tent is fairly large for a 2-Person, although not that tall.
+ Extremely easy to setup. The tent uses two poles and aluminum stakes. It does come with instructions and there are two interior pockets where you could keep the instructions.
+ Extremely waterproof with a full coverage RainFly.
+ Poles are aluminum, so they won’t break easily.

– Expensive, but you are paying for absolute quality.
– 6 lbs, so a little on the heavy side if you are going to be carrying this while hiking.

Overall: This is a tent for someone who is going to use it several times per year and is especially worried about staying dry and having the tent stand up to heavy use.

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2. Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent (ad)

Description: This tent is 88″ x 55″ x 43″ which makes it slightly larger than average for a 2-Person tent. It sets up easily with a two pole system. The poles are aluminum, so they won’t easily break. The full coverage Rain-Fly keeps the inside of the tent dry. With the Rain-Fly, the weight is 4 lbs 8 oz, which makes it lighter than the Ledge Scorpion listed above.

+ Lots of space for a 2-Person tent
+ Rain-Fly keeps you dry
+ Extremely durable. Poles are aluminum.
+ Easy to medium difficulty to setup.

– Rain-Fly is basically mandatory for outdoor use, as you will get wet without it. To use the Rain-Fly, you need to be able to get the stakes in the ground, so you basically cannot use this tent on rocks, pavement, decks, etc.

Overall: This tent is terrific value for how durable it is. It really is a tough tent that will stand up to heavy use, it’s larger than average in size, and will keep you dry even in a rain storm. The tent is lighter than similar tents, so it might be a good option for hikers that want something tough.

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1. Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Person Tent (ad)

Description: This tent is 88″ x 58″ x 44″ which makes it slightly larger than average for a 2-Person tent. There is 6 square feet of vestibule space in the tent for storage. The tent is very easy to setup and uses color coded clips and two poles. The poles are fiberglass, not aluminum.

+ Lightweight at only 3 lbs.
+ Lots of space
+ Full Coverage Rain-Fly keeps you dry.
+ Easy to medium difficulty to setup

– Poles are fiberglass, not aluminum
– Rainfly is basically mandatory for outdoor use.

Overall: This tent is very similar to the Kelty Salida listed above, the only differences being it has fiberglass poles instead of aluminum, and it is slightly larger. If you are either a beginner who wants a good tent for a good price, or you are an experienced camper that want a good tent that is lightweight, than this is the tent for you. If you are more interested in having a heavy duty tent that stands up to abuse, than you might prefer option 2 or 3 instead.

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