This is a review of the Suisse Sport Yosemite 2 room, 4 person tent.


Enjoy a little extra privacy when camping with friends with the Suisse Sport Yosemite two-room dome tent.

Designed to sleep up to four people, the tent includes a removable divider that splits the tent in two. As a result, you can wall off other campers when changing clothes or sleeping, or you can remove the divider to create a single large room. The Yosemite also includes a double D door for easy entry and exit, along with a full four-point rainfly to keep you dry on moist evenings. And ventilation is always a concern in warm, muggy climates, which is why the tent includes three mesh zippered windows and a mesh ceiling. The tent measures 10 by 6 by 8 feet (W x H x D) and weighs roughly 13.65 pounds.


  • Polyethylene
  • 2-room dome tent that sleeps up to 4 people
  • Removable divider splits the tent into 2 rooms
  • Double D door for easy entry and exit
  • 3 mesh zippered windows and mesh ceiling
  • Measures 10 x 6 x 8 feet (W x H x D)
  • Weighs 13.65 pounds


The Suisse Sport Yosemite is a tent that was really designed for car camping or backyard camping. I say that because the weight (13.65 pounds) is way, way too heavy to even consider using this for backpacking or hauling it any type of distance. It also has an “E Port,” basically a spot for an electrical extension cord to run into the tent.

While the tent say’s it is for four people, I think you’d be packed in pretty tight for that to actually work. In most cases, I think this is a tent for one couple (possibly using a queen sized air mattress). You could fit three people too.

This is a fairly feature rich tent, with a gear shelf, storage pocket, the “E Port,” two doors, a room separator, and a loop to hang a light from.

In terms of construction, the tent isn’t made of the best materials and there are some craftsmanship type flaws that I notice. In a lot of places, it seems like the material was cut incorrectly and the extra material at an edge will be uneven looking. The stitching sometimes appears a little loose too.  The stakes are plastic garbage that you should probably replace.

The tent does have a bathtub floor which seems pretty solid. Despite that, I really wouldn’t think this would be a great tent for any sort of bad weather (rain, snow, cold, wind, etc). The roof is sort of like a rainfly, but doesn’t completely cover the tent. There is no separate rainfly or footprint.

Honestly, this is just a cheap, entry level tent for car or backyard campers. You really shouldn’t be expecting quality. This tent does have some nice features that other cheap tents typically do not have.

If you’re looking for something cheap for the backyard, you might consider the Suisse Sport Yosemite. This is not a tent for backpackers or hikers.


Suisse Sport Yosemite

Suisse Sport Yosemite








  • Cheap
  • Has a lot of features like gear shelf, light loop, E Port, storage pocket, two doors, and a curtain.


  • Heavy
  • Poor construction and material quality