Kelty IgniteOur #1 rated sleeping bag for 2014 is the Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag.

Size and Weight:

The Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag (ad) comes in two sizes, a 6 foot version and a 6 foot 6 inch version. The 6 foot version weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces, while the 6 foot 6 inch version is 3 ounces heavier at 2 pounds 15 ounces. The shoulder circumference of the 6 foot bag is 62 inches, and the 6 foot 6 inch bag has a shoulder circumference of 64 inches. Both bags pack into a stuff sack that ends up being about 8 inches by 15 inches, which is manageable for hiker and should fit in your hiking bag sleeping bag pouch (if you have one).


The Kelty Ignite is made of very durable materials. The shell is 30D nylon ripstop and the lining is 50D polyester micro pongee. The mummy shape naturally deflects some moisture, and the bag is also treated with DWR treatment. After you get the bag, you may want to air it out before the first use as there is a sent to it. This does go away after a few days of sitting out, or with a washing. There is a two way lock zipper that is pretty heavy duty and the bag also has loop straps for airing out or air drying. The bag also comes with a stuff sack.

Why It’s Awesome:

This sleeping bag is just such high quality in every aspect that it makes it easy to recommend. The 20 degree rating means it really works well in Spring, Summer, or Fall. It will keep you warm and dry during a cold Spring or Fall camping or hiking trip, and also can be used for summer camp (although you may want to open it up and just sleep on top of it if it is really warm). The materials are lightweight yet high quality. The bag should last forever and even comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.

What Could Be Better:

As mentioned, everything about this bag is very high quality. The one bad thing about the bag is the price is high. It actually is one of the highest priced bags on the market, however, it really is worth it. The difference in price between this bag and a medium range quality bag is really not that much (probably $50-100) so you might as well by the best available bag. It comes with the lifetime warranty, so you know the bag will last unless you do something really ridiculous with it.


This is the best sleeping bag on the market (ad), and it comes from a trusted brand in Kelty. The price is a little high, but overall it is worth it as the price isn’t that much higher than low or medium quality bags, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and this bag can be used in three seasons. It also is lightweight and packs well, so it would be great for hikers.

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Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag

Kelty Ignite DriDown 20-Degree Sleeping Bag








  • This bag is extremely lightweight and packs up tightly, making it great for hikers or backpackers
  • Made of very high quality materials
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty
  • Works for three seasons and is very comfortable
  • Weather Proof


  • Price is a little high, but you are getting the best bag on the market and a lifetime warranty