In this post, we’ll be looking at the Mountaintop Adventure 40L backpack (ad).

Mountaintop Adventure 40LDescription

The Mountaintop Adventure 40L (ad) backpack has a breathable mesh back panel and shoulder straps that offer cushioning comfort while also promoting air circulation along your back and shoulders. Adjustable waist-belt serves to support the pack and distribute the weight of its contents across the body more appropriately by transferring much of the weight to the hips and legs and encourage ventilation for a cool and dry hike. Adjustable sternum strap can help your backpack fits snugly on your back.


  • 40L capacity
  • Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches (55 x 35 x 25 cm)
  • Item Weight: 2.0 lb (0.92 kg)
  • Compartments include a main compartment, secondary compartment, sleeping bag compartment, front pockets and mesh side pockets
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Has spots for trekking poles


I chose to review the Mountaintop Adventure 40L (ad) mainly after seeing it sitting in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon for the past few months.

I wasn’t really aware of the Mountaintop backpacks brand at all and searching for them doesn’t turn up a website. The Amazon listings all use some information that must have been pulled from somewhere and it include statements like “we reply within 24 hours,” yet there is no where to contact them on those pages. By finding the actual Amazon Storefront, you can ask the seller a question.

I tried contacting the seller and listing questions on Amazon products, which have thus far yielded no results after a week. Therefore, I have no idea about this bags warranty information or and don’t know much about the company behind it. All I know is they are hard to reach and don’t respond. Honestly, not a good start.

I did find the following info on their Amazon seller page:

Mountaintop® Leather Co.,Ltd is a luggage manufacturer with a group of professional designers and more than 500 employees. The business began in 1986, with a company in Canton, China, which covering over 107,000 square feet. The company also has a number of professional production superintendents to monitor quality standards of products. From material to semi-finished products, our quality control goes through the whole research and production processes to make sure unqualified products will not leave the factory. In the early 1980s to the 1990s, Mountaintop® has become an OEM of many international outdoor corporations. We have the experience and technology to ensure the quality.

So basically, Mountaintop backpacks are some company in China that has been around for quite awhile (since 1986) and they have a lot of employees. You can also see in their storefront that they have a lot of backpacks to choose from.

The bags shown on Amazon all look really nice. However, you just can’t quite tell the quality. There are other reviews that show some videos and more photos, but that just wasn’t enough for me to tell. As you can’t find these bags in stores (at least, I haven’t seen them) I needed to buy this bag from Amazon to be able to review it.

The bag is fulfilled by Amazon and came pretty quick (I have prime). Overall, I guess I was expecting this bag to be garbage, but it surpassed my expectations. It really is pretty good quality and construction, especially considering the low price.

The materials are lightweight and very waterproof. The bag really has the type of features you’d expect of a bag built for backpacking. Lots of pockets, hooks, straps, etc. The strapping mechanism is fairly comfortable and can be tightened. Really, the only issue I have is a few loose threads on the stitching, which I think could be problematic down the line. You don’t want the thing to unravel or leak!

While I am unsure about this company, the warranty, and the durability of this product, I think it actually is surprisingly good quality for such an affordable bag. Still not up there with the major respected camping brands, but Mountaintop backpacks aren’t total garbage. It’s useful and cheap. I would think it would hold up for awhile.

If you want to take a chance, you can order the Mountaintop Adventure 40L on Amazon (ad).

Mountaintop Adventure 40L

Mountaintop Adventure 40L








  • Surprisingly good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Good waterproofing


  • Don't know much about the company
  • Some loose threads