great horror campout

If so, you now can. The Great Horror Campout is:

a 12-hour, overnight, interactive Horror camping adventure. Campers can choose their level of engagement by their choice of activities and tent zone. It can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure. It’s completely up to the camper.

Regardless of how high the camper chooses to turn up the volume on their experience, all content is strictly for entertainment purposes and at no time will campers ever be in real danger.

The Great Horror Campout at it’s core is just FUN!

The two levels of engagement are Low Octane (Less Extreme) and High Octane (Very Extreme). The Low Octane option camps in an area known as the “Chicken Zone.” Those campers will watch horror movies, enjoy snacks, do some arts and crafts, listen to ghost stories, and have camp fires. In the High Octane level, campers pitch their tents in the “Fair Game” zone where they will be visited by “monsters,” be manhandled by the horror camp staff, and bathe in blood. There is a competition for the High Octane campers to figure out who is the “hellmaster.” The whole experience does have a safe phrase, “I want my mommy,” and they promise that if you say that, they will back off.

The whole thing seems to be sponsored by the two horror films Wrong Turn 6 and Joy Ride 3 Roadkill. It takes place on the West Coast (in California, Oregon, and Washington) this July and August. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can get your tickets here.