cap grounded

Camp Grounded is a summer camp for adults that takes place at Camp Navarro in Northern California. Located in the Anderson Valley wine country, the camp is filled with redwood trees and the Navarro river runs through it. But that isn’t what makes this camp so special… Camp Grounded is special because it also is a digital detox camp. Upon arrival, they (the camp employees) take away camper’s digital devices for the remainder of their stay at the camp. That means no phones, no tablets, no computers, no ipods, no digital technology of any kind. There also is no talking about work (they call it W-talk). The camp includes a ton of awesome activities, like wood working, writing, photography, sports, capture-the-flag, hiking, smores, music, and more.

The whole thing seems like a really cool idea that would be a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t be interested in this, right? Well, then I clicked on the price. It costs $597.05 for one person to attend this camp for 4 days (which is really only 2 full days and 3 nights). That seems like a lot of money just to be able to stay in a cabin, eat some meals, play games, and do crafts for essentially 72 hours. I realize they do have to pay for the cabins, and for the large amount of land, as well as the food and whatever supplies they need for the crafts, but doesn’t this just seem like a lot to pay? Couldn’t they do it for half the price?

For that price, you could buy all the camping gear and supplies you need to be able to go into the woods by yourself and experience the same thing! Once you own those supplies, you then could go camping whenever you want, whereas Camp Grounded only lasts for 4 days. Of course, if you go camping by yourself you won’t have all those people around to interact with. You also will need to cook for yourself and entertain yourself.

Note: Camp Grounded’s last session began June 20th, so if you are interested in attending, you will have to wait for the next sessions to be announced. Until then, why not buy some camping gear and go into the woods on your own? You can give yourself a digital detox!