Big Agnes Ethel 0FToday we’re going to take a look at the Big Agnes Ethel Sleeping Bag 0 degree Fahrenheit down sleeping bag (ad).


The Big Agnes Ethel is part of Big Agnes’ women’s classic down series. They say these bags are built for women that are adventurous but crave comfort, or something to that effect. Made with 650 DownTekTM water repellent down insulation, this bag should both keep you warm (at temperatures above 0 Fahrenheit) and dry.

The bag has more of a rectangular shape, as opposed to the rounded shapes a lot of mummy bags have. This is supposed to make it more comfortable and gives you extra room in the shoulders and foot area.

The bag has a mesh storage sack and nylon stuff sack included. There also is a built in pillow pocket that holds a fleece or Big Agnes Pillow.

One interesting part of this bag is the description of how the construction of the bag prevents the down inside from shifting:

Flow Construction eliminates lateral and vertical down shifting by using vertical chambers with Flow Gates to regulate fill positioning and density. Strategically placed Flow Gates minimize vertical down shifting while vertical chambers minimize lateral shifting. With continuous vertical Flow chambers in place of traditional side seams, Flow bags eliminate potential cold spots which can occur with side seams.

I’ve found that to be a problem with down bags in the past, especially when they are used a lot. Over time, the down shifts and there are cold spots and spots with way too much down in them. You also should consider laying your bag out flat when storing it rather than stuffing it, rolling it, or having it hang on something, as that is bad for the bag.


  • PETITE fits up to 5’6″.
  • REG fits up to 5’10”.
  • Bag Weight: Petite – 3 lbs 4 oz , Reg – 3 lbs 8 oz.
  • Fill Weight: Petite – 22.5 oz , Reg – 24 oz.
  • Compressed Size: Petite – 9″ x 10.5″, Reg – 9″ x 11″.
  • Stuff Sack Size: Petite – 9″ x 20″, Reg – 9″x 20″
  • Petite length requires a 20″ x 66″ pad. Regular length requires a 20″ x 72″ pad
  • Extra 2 inches of hip space for comfort.
  • You can join this bag with other Big Agnes bags with left and right zippers.
  • The back doesn’t have fill, instead there is a pocket for the sleeping pad.


This bag is larger than most mummy bags. That means it should be more comfortable and also it stays in place a bit more than the smaller bags that are closer to your body. If you toss and turn in this bag, the bag won’t move with you as much as if you were in a tight mummy bag.

The bag is quite warm and the way the bag is constructed with the down being in chambers to prevent shifting is really nice and means this bag should last longer than some other down bags.


The larger size of this bag means added weight. At a little over 3 lbs, it still would be reasonable to take this backpacking or hiking, but there are lighter bags available if you want to pay for them. Those bags would of course not be as big, and thus not as comfortable (unless you like being super confined in a mummy bag).

The high price and required sleeping pad could be considered cons, but this is a top bag and you get what you pay for.

Who It’s Good For:

The Big Agnes Ethel Sleeping Bag 0 Degree Bag (ad) would be great for someone that needs a 0 degree bag, but doesn’t want to be confined in a super tight mummy bag. This gives you a little room to move. It also is very warm and seems like it would last longer than some other down bags out there because of the way the bag is constructed.

Who It’s Bad For:

If you are all about getting a 0 degree bag that is super lightweight, there are lighter bags available, although this isn’t that bad at just over 3 lbs.

If you are over 72 inches (or 6 feet tall), you’ll of course need a different bag.

Big Agnes Ethel Sleeping Bag 0F / -18C Down Sleeping Bag (650 Downtek)

Big Agnes Ethel Sleeping Bag 0F / -18C Down Sleeping Bag (650 Downtek)








  • Very comfortable and roomy
  • Down chambers prevent shifting
  • Should last for a long time


  • Could be lighter
  • Requires sleeping pad
  • Price is high, but you get what you pay for