For one of our first blog posts on this site, I thought we’d start off with a post about the history of camping. You may be thinking, “haven’t people always camped out?” Well, this is true in the sense that there have always been people who slept outdoors, had fires, and enjoyed being close to nature. However, that doesn’t actually count as camping.

According to Wikipedia:

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. The participants (known as campers) leave urban areas, their home region, or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite.”

This version of camping didn’t really start until the invention and widespread use of the automobile at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Cars made it easy to pack up a bunch of stuff, drive out of the city, and find a nice spot to enjoy nature and spend the weekend. This sort of camping, where an automobile and lots of supplies are involved, is becoming known as “classic camping.”

An <em>Abercrombie & Fitch</em> catalog from 1909 via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Once camping started to gain in popularity, more and more products related to camping were created and sold. If you wanted special stuff, at first you had to order it via catalog, as there weren’t any camping stores. This is actually how Abercrombie & Fitch rose to prominence. They were a sporting goods store that became the go-to catalog to buy camping gear.

The World Wars led to a lot of advancements in camping equipment, as did the NASA program and invention of plastic. The creation of National Parks and Interstate Highways made it easier to learn about and travel to amazing locations and camp. By the 1960’s, camping was a fairly cheap activity that anyone could partake in, and you could buy camping supplies in just about any medium-sized town and every city.

As camping grew in popularity, more and more versions of it were thought up. There is survivalist, exploration, adventure, minimalist, winter camping, urban camping, and no doubt a whole lot more. Each type seems to have its own set of rules and requires it’s own specialized supplies or equipment, which, of course, is where we come in!

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